Vanagon Ladder and bike rack
Carry 2 or 3 bikes on a ladder
One bike can be carried over the ladder rungs and the other bike carried on "Bike bars".

The upper bike bars are at different levels so that the handlebars overlap and the bikes can be closer together.  
You will need to use a 2 piece bike carrier for the bike over the ladder, see this picture.  The bike on the bike bars can use a tray style bike carrier.

Bike carriers are not included.  Fork mount work best, or a high quality 'both wheels on' type like the Yakima high roller.
Important: Always use an additional tie down strap for each bike, in case the bike becomes detached from the bike carrier. Do not rely on just the bike carrier.

Rear ladder for VW Vanagon  $395.  Then choose what type of bike bars you would like.  In most cases, clamp on bike bars work best.

Four types of bike rack bars:
1. Clamp on bike bars, one side, for one bike, can be installed on either side of ladder.  $80
Bike carrying bars, welded on, one side, for one bike. (Cost of shipping is higher, it is a large box) $50
3. Removable bike bars, bars plug into sockets, tight - does not rattle, per side, for one bike $125
4. Clamp on wide bike bars, span across the rack to both sides.  Includes two long bars and attachment clamps $250

Gary Lee, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
phone 403 272 7284

How to order:
Send me an email
1.  Tell me what you are interested in.
2.  Tell me where you live
3.  Within 24 hours, I will reply with a quote including shipping.   Shipping is about $45 to $65.
4.  Payment can be made by Paypal, I will send you a Paypal invoice. 
     Canadian orders can be by email money transfer.
5.  If I do not have something in stock, it usually takes about a week to build.

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