Vanagon Rear Hatch Struts
How to keep your rear door open when you are carrying cargo on it.


There are several things you can do:

  1.  Some people can open the rear door with a rack and one item mounted (tire, bike, gas can).  A strut
      prop tube can be used to hold the door open. See this page for pictures  

      This option works for some people.  I include this tube free with all orders. 
      Make sure your hatch struts are in good shape, new ones are not that expensive. 


  2. The vanagon parts book specifies a different hatch strut for each side of the door. 
    Left side 251-829-331B lower strength
    Right side 251-829-332 higher strength
    If you use two right side hatch struts you may find this to be adequate to keep your door open
  3. Extra high force hatch struts. 
    "Lift Supports Depot ST200M1-250 Gas Charged Lift Support"
    I have not used these myself and cannot comment on their suitability or fit

    The picture below is of a van with these lift supports installed.


      These are about twice the force of stock lift supports.  These will keep the door open with a tire and gas container in place.
      You will not be able to close the door when no cargo is in place.  Also, the door will dangerously fly open if no cargo is on the rack.
      You can only use high force hatch struts when cargo is on the rack.