VW Volkswagen Eurovan  
Winnebago Westfalia transporter T4 1992 - 2003

Rotopax mount adapter for VW Eurovan rack
Use this adapter bracket to carry a Rotopa
x container on any of my Eurovan racks or ladders.  $80 extra.

Rotopax pack mount and gas pack container is not included. 
You will need to buy a both a Rotopax Mount and a Rotopax container yourself.

Please note:
This adapter only fits Rotopax mounts.  It does not fit  Fuelpax mounts.  You may be able to redrill the holes to fit Fuelpax.
The hole spacing for Fuelpax is slightly different from Rotopax, you would need to modify my adapter to use with Fuelpax.

Use at your own risk.

Questions and orders:
Gary Lee
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
403 272 7284

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