Rear rack for Mitsubishi Delica L300
1988 to 1994

I also have a rack for the standard height low roof Delica L300 van.  The rack looks the same as the rack shown below, except it fits the door for the smaller height L300.
The basic rack frame is $380 US dollars + shipping.

Options for this rack include:
1.  Ladder rungs
2.  Fuel or water container carrier, 5 gallon jerry can or Rotopax.
3.  Spare tire carrier
4.  Fold up shelf
5.  High Lift jack carrier
6.  Propane tank carrier
7.  Your own bike carriers can be used with this rack. 

All the options for my VW Eurovan also fit the Delica rack.  See my VW Eurovan page.
The below pictures show a van with a mirror on the rear door, but it is not possible to keep the mirror in place.  You will need to remove the rear mirror in order to use this rack.

Prices for the Mitsubishi rack are the same as for the Eurovan rack.  For a quote including shipping, email me with your address and what you are interested in.


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Rack for Mitsubishi Delica L300

Bike rack Mitsubishi Delica L300

Delica L300 tire gas can rack

Mitsubishi Delica bike rack