Bike carrier
This bike carrier works well with all my Vanagon and Eurovan racks and ladders.  .

A bike carrier for road, mountain and kids bikes.
Attaches to all my racks and ladders for the Vanagon and Eurovan.

The rack frame is sold separately.  This is just the bike carrier.
Eurovan rack frame

- Simple, handlebar mount
- Lightweight
- Handlebar hooks are rubber coated.
- Includes straps
- Can carry kids and adult size bikes.

Not for use with bikes with carbon handlebars.

For carrying two bikes, a high mount and a low mount can be ordered. 
One bike will be a few inches lower, this will allow the handlebars to overlap. 
You will need to overlap the handlebars if you are carrying more than 2 bikes.

Important - Always use an additional tie down strap for each bike to secure the bike to the rack.  In case the bike detaches from the bike carrier.

Bike carrier, per bike $185 US dollars

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